Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE)

– an Australian Government initiative

Co-produced by

Orbost Studio for Dance Research

Dancehouse, Melbourne &

Omeo Dance

Take Five,

or More

As a celebration of 40 years

of Improvising

Andrew Morrish   

performed every week

for a year  from 

2/12/21 to 26/11/22

                        A quick summary:

Total Audience  940 (includes live, zoom and youtube views)

Avg Audience    18

Mins of Performing          1501

Avg mins per solo 28

Range 10 mins (No 2. Now Pieces 9/12/21) to 49 mins – (No 15. Dancehouse 11/3/22)

On Zoom                            39

Live Only                              3

Via Youtube                          5

Combined Live and Zoom    6

Guest Artists                         2   - Tony Osbourne (Nos14 &40) and Céline Làrrere (No 50)

A wonderful experience for me, many thanks to all who attended!

Recent Videos:

Project Ended 26/11/22